What Are the Benefits of Modular Cleanrooms?

by Technical Air Products

modular cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are an increasingly necessary component in many industries, from universities to pharmaceutical companies to electronics. While permanent stick-built cleanrooms were the most common choice in the past, many companies are discovering that modular cleanrooms can do the same job at a lesser cost and with more flexibility. Surprised? Let’s go through the benefits of modular cleanrooms.

Quick and Simple Installation

The most obvious advantage of modular cleanrooms is that they are easy and quick to install. They do not have to be built from scratch and will not disrupt your operation with weeks or months of construction time. They are made from prefabricated panels and framing, so they can be set up within days or even hours. By choosing a modular cleanroom, your organization can avoid delays and begin using your cleanroom almost immediately.

What’s more, Technical Air Products’ proprietary LogiClean® design makes it easy to assemble or disassemble our modular cleanrooms and economical to add on to them. This means our customers have the flexibility to add to, or subtract from, their cleanroom set up as the needs of their organization change. Because our modular cleanrooms are not permanent structures, they cost less to purchase and you can depreciate them over a shorter period of time.

Lower Cost Operations

Modular cleanrooms are designed to be efficient and therefore affordable to run. A smaller enclosed space means that temperature and humidity control are easier to regulate, resulting in lower energy costs. Technical Air Products also offers energy-efficient FFU’s and LED lights in its cleanrooms for lower cost of operation.

Simple Maintenance

Whereas a permanent stick-built cleanroom can be difficult to repair, requiring professionals to maintain, modular cleanrooms are easy to update. Being modular, add-on or replacement components can easily be installed. Modular cleanroom components are prefabricated, and designed to be assembled or disassembled in the field.  Therefore, when routine maintenance, repairs or adjustments are required, it is much less labor intensive than with permanent structures.

Quality Performance

Modular cleanrooms use HEPA and ULPA fan filter units to remove particulate matter from the air and keep contamination to the necessary minimum. Technical Air Products offers a variety of cleanrooms and cleanroom accessories that can help your organization comply with ISO, FDA, or EU standards. Both our softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms meet ISO 8 to ISO 4 air cleanliness ratings. Our rigidwall cleanrooms are a lower-cost solution for meeting USP797 requirements.

The benefits of modular cleanrooms over stick-built cleanrooms are many. Their affordability, easy installation and maintenance, and performance over time make them an excellent choice for companies or organizations that need a cleanroom environment to operate right away. At Technical Air Products we believe in the quality of our cleanroom products and the flexibility they offer to our customers. For more specifics on how these products might help your organization meet its needs, check out our softwall and rigidwall modular cleanroom pages.

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