Cleanroom Services


Technical Air Products offers standard products that offer our customers the best pricing and lead times. However, we also offer our customers custom engineered solutions to meet specific requirements. Technical Air Products has over 25 years experience designing cleanrooms and other clean air solutions. Our engineering team can assist you in designing custom clean air products to meet your exact needs. CAD drawings will be created to your exact specification, so no detail will be missed. Contact us today and let our design experts go to work for you.

Step 1

After reviewing all of your operational requirements, CAD drawings will be created so layout and dimensions can be approved.  Proof of concept CAD renderings can also be provided to help you visualize your product.

Step 2

After drawings are approved, your product will be manufactured to the exact specifications you require.  Our cleanrooms will be shipped as modular components to be installed at your location.

Step 3

Your vision, which started as a napkin sketch, is realized and starts generating revenue for your business.


Technical Air Products offers a prewiring package for its cleanroom components, such as motorized fan filter units and lights. The prewiring of components saves a great deal of time and money during installation, and offers conveniently accessible controls to the end users. All cleanroom fan filter units and lights will be prewired with quick-connect wiring, with lengths based on the ceiling layout of the cleanroom. A control panel will be provided to house the controls and switches for the components, including circuit breakers to cut power to the components directly from the panel. An electrician will only be needed to bring one field-power drop to the panel, versus electrical drops to each of the components, which saves you money.