About Us

Technical Air Products was founded more than 25 years ago by Don O’Keefe. Don began his career in the cleanroom industry as a mechanical engineer for Comp-Aire Systems. After 10 years of designing clean air products, Don decided to put his product design expertise to use in his own business. He founded Technical Air Products in 1992, when he realized there was a need for cost-effective, modular alternatives to expensive hardwall, and stick-built cleanrooms. Since then, Technical Air Products has grown to be a leading manufacturer of modular softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms.

In 2002, Technical Air Products purchased NTA Industries (NTA). NTA was a leading manufacturer of stainless steel furniture for cleanrooms, labs, and other critical environments. NTA’s product line compliments Technical Air Products’ line of modular cleanrooms and provides added value to our customers who often need stainless steel furniture to outfit their cleanrooms.

In 2017, a family-owned private equity firm, Falding Capital Group, acquired Technical Air Products. Falding Capital Group (FCG) invests in companies with quality products, in growth industries. Through its nearly 20 years in business, FCG has had great success growing companies, in several different industries. Within all of its portfolio companies, FCG strives to instill the same core values: to offer quality products at a competitive price, and to develop a customer-first focus, all while building a culture that empowers employees to deliver the best experience, and the most value to its customers.

Since the acquisition, FCG continues to invest its resources into product and employee development, machinery and tools, and inventory, in order to add more value to our customers. While we still offer custom solutions, we are standardizing more of our products, in order to offer more quick-ship products to meet our customers’ rigorous timelines.


Our goal is to be your “GO TO” source for modular softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms and accessories. We will provide a quality product, when you need it, for a competitive price.

In order to meet that goal, we must:

  • Provide the best ratio of quality and price to our customers.
  • Strive to provide the best customer service through continuous review and improvement.
  • Treat every order the same regardless of how large or small.
  • Regularly monitor inventory levels to meet 100% of promised ship dates.
  • Improve and innovate on a daily basis.
  • Hire and promote a workforce on the basis of integrity.
  • Create a culture and work environment where people want to work, and are empowered to make our products, and our customers’ experience better.

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