Cleanroom Components

If you are looking for a hardwall or stick-built cleanroom design, or you are looking to transform an existing room into a clean environment, Technical Air Products can provide you with the necessary components. We design and manufacture several models of motorized fan filter units (FFU’s), all of which meet clean air requirements down to ISO 4. We also offer cost-effective LED light panels, offering many years of efficient, low-cost operation for your cleanroom. And to top it all off, we offer both hanging and self-supporting ceiling grid to support all of your cleanroom components.

Technical Air Products manufactures several different models of motorized HEPA and ULPA fan filter units (FFU’s) to meet your operational needs. Whether your focus is on energy efficiency, maximum airflow, or automated operation, we have a solution for you.

Technical Air Products offers cost-effective LED flat panel lights as our standard cleanroom light. They are very affordable, they sip energy, and they last for years. What more can you ask for?

Technical Air Products offers proprietary, lightweight cleanroom ceiling grids that will meet any application. Whether you are looking for a self-supported, or hanging cleanroom ceiling grid, we have what you need.