cleanroom validation

One of Technical Air Products’ most frequently asked questions is: How long does cleanroom installation take? It’s obviously important to anyone investing in a cleanroom to know how long it will take before the room can be up and running. Part of this process is installation, and the other part is the cleanroom validation process. […]

cleanroom behavior

When we think of common cleanroom contaminants, what comes to mind is dust, lint, fibers, and a variety of other particulate matter. Yet how do those contaminants enter the cleanroom? It’s not by osmosis – the airtight walls prevent that. People are the most common source of contamination. They bring it with them when they […]

In several previous blog pieces we have talked about different types of isolation rooms, including positive air pressure rooms and negative air pressure rooms. In this blog we will talk about anterooms and how they can be used with other types of isolation rooms to maintain cleanliness within the room.  What Is an Anteroom?  Within a healthcare setting, […]

prevent contamination

The focus of cleanroom design is rarely on its lighting, but this is a crucial element of cleanroom operation. Proper lighting makes it possible for workers to do their jobs correctly, control contamination, and maintain the temperature within the room. Energy efficient lighting also lowers operating costs, which is a concern for any organization. What […]

new cleanroom

A cleanroom is an investment in the productivity of your business or organization. Of course you’ll want to see as much return on that investment as possible and use it as long as you can. However, there are times or circumstances that arise that make an updated cleanroom the best solution to specific challenges. How […]

isolation rooms

In a previous blog we talked about negative air pressure rooms. There are several different types of isolation rooms used commonly today in healthcare facilities. Let’s talk about what the types of rooms are and what they are specifically used for.  Different Types of Isolation Rooms There are four types of isolation rooms. These four […]

negative air pressure rooms

In addition to softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms, Technical Air Products also manufactures isolation rooms. There are different types of isolation rooms. Some are built to protect people in the room from contaminants, while others are built to keep any contaminants inside the room in order to protect those outside. In this blog we will talk […]

A cleanroom is not a cleanroom without its fan filter units; they are a critical component of the room’s design. In this blog piece we will discuss how a fan filter unit works and the different types of FFU’s that we offer. Selecting the right one for your cleanroom will depend on what your needs […]

Ceilings are an often overlooked feature of cleanrooms. When you enter a cleanroom, you may notice the walls, the floor, and the accessories that the people in the space are using, but you might not look up to see the part of the room doing the bulk of the work to maintain the clean environment. […]

All Systems Flow

What makes a cleanroom a cleanroom? Glass enclosed spaces are common today in business and academic settings. With their glass walls and doors, cleanrooms may resemble other spaces, but their function is not decorative. Their architectural components serve a purpose, and that purpose is to facilitate air flow control and filtering so that a standard […]