Softwall Cleanrooms

Our Softwall cleanrooms provide you with a cost-effective, flexible way to control your critical environment. And, if you have an immediate need to control your air quality, ask us about our quick-ship program of 2 weeks or less.

Rigidwall Cleanrooms

Our Rigidwall cleanrooms are cost-effective alternatives to hardwall, or stick-built cleanrooms. Our proprietary design gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily turn any space into a high-performance cleanroom.

Cleanroom Components

Our motorized fan filter units offer you a great combination of performance and price. We offer a whole family of fan filter units to turn any operation into a clean air environment.

Cleanroom Accessories

Technical Air Products manufactures a variety of cleanroom accessories, and other clean air products. Bottom line, we design and manufacture products that reduce air contaminants, for any operation, down to basically…“nothing.”

Find your clean space.

  • Cleanrooms

    Technical Air Products’ modular cleanrooms were designed for the customer who is looking for a cost-effective, non-permanent, flexible, clean air environment. Our softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms are less expensive than hardwall cleanrooms, yet they still meet your clean air requirements. Our LogiClean® modular design allows for quick and easy installation, making our cleanrooms more economical to expand or contract as your operational needs change.

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  • Components

    If you are looking for a hardwall or stick-built cleanroom design, or you are looking to transform an existing room into a clean environment, Technical Air Products can provide you with the necessary components. We design and manufacture several models of motorized fan filter units (FFU’s), all of which meet clean air requirements down to ISO 4. We also offer cost-effective LED light panels, offering many years of efficient, low-cost operation for your cleanroom. And to top it all off, we offer both hanging and self-supporting ceiling grid to support all of your cleanroom components.


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  • Accessories

    Though we began more than 25 years ago designing and manufacturing modular cleanrooms, we have evolved our product line to include many different clean air products. Whether you need a pass-thru for your cleanroom, or clean workstations to use for individual products or processes, we can provide what you need. Custom designs are available, but click on the link below to see examples of standard cleanroom accessories, which are more cost-effective and more readily available to meet your needs.


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