Which Type of Cleanroom Ceiling Is Best?

by Technical Air Products

Ceilings are an often overlooked feature of cleanrooms. When you enter a cleanroom, you may notice the walls, the floor, and the accessories that the people in the space are using, but you might not look up to see the part of the room doing the bulk of the work to maintain the clean environment. When it comes to deciding on your cleanroom’s design, don’t forget about your cleanroom ceiling. 

What Cleanroom Ceilings Do

A cleanroom is an enclosed space. Many of them look like boxes, in fact, with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling; a box that is designed to keep particulate matter outside of this space. A cleanroom ceiling is more than just another wall, however. It contains fittings necessary for the functioning of the room, including apertures for fan filter units and light panels, which must all be sealed in order to keep out contaminants. 

If you do not choose the right cleanroom ceiling for your space, it will not function as effectively as it might. It may require more maintenance which will mean more downtime for the cleanroom and more frustration and expense for you.

Cleanroom Ceiling Grids

Technical Air Products manufactures several different types of cleanroom ceiling grids. They are lightweight, as they’re constructed from extruded aluminum components. The components that comprise the grid all utilize slotted square nuts and/or a threaded boss. This makes them quick and easy to install. We can provide ceiling grid components cut to size to match your ceiling layout, or we can provide full lengths to be cut on site.

The two types of grids we offer are self-supported ceiling grids and hanging ceiling grids. 

Self Supported Ceiling Grid – This is our standard ceiling grid and consists of 2″x4″ aluminum extrusion perimeter and cross-supports and 1.5″ cross tees. These are supported by either aluminum legs, or steel posts, depending on the cleanroom’s height and weight. Our 2″x4″ aluminum extrusion is slotted for the use of threaded square nuts, and utilizes continuous threaded bosses, eliminating the need for drilling holes. This makes installation a snap. 

This is not a walkable ceiling grid. Many organizations utilize walkable ceilings because they allow maintenance workers easy access to check filters and fittings and replace them as needed in order to keep the cleanroom in peak condition. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the cleanroom ceiling helps eliminate any surprise breakdowns and down time. 

Technical Air Products can integrate walkable aluminum panels and heavy duty cross tees into the ceiling system if your organization needs a walkable ceiling in order to maintain your cleanroom.

Hanging Ceiling Grid – This 2″ aluminum ceiling grid system can be used for any hanging ceiling applications. It’s much more robust than standard hanging ceiling grid components in order to support the added weight of fan filter units and light panels. We use heavy-duty turnbuckles and steel rods to hang our 2″ ceiling grid. Each of our 2″ grid components uses a continuous threaded boss for quick and easy installation. The hanging ceiling grid is not walkable.

If you are in the design process, you may not know which option would be best for your unique needs, so please take some time to look over the products we have on our website and their specifications. We want to provide your organization with a cleanroom solution that meets your exact requirements, including the right type of cleanroom ceiling. 

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