Technical Air Products’ modular cleanrooms were designed for the customer who is looking for a cost-effective, non-permanent, flexible, clean air environment. Our softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms are less expensive than hardwall cleanrooms, yet they still meet your clean air requirements. Our LogiClean® modular design allows for quick and easy installation, making our cleanrooms more economical to expand or contract as your operational needs change.

If your company needs a cleanroom that can be assembled or disassembled quickly and modified as necessary, our modular options offer clear solutions. They are simple to clean and maintain, durable, and corrosion resistant without sacrificing quality or performance.

A modular softwall cleanroom from Technical Air Products is a flexible, cost-effective way to create a clean air environment. Our proprietary LogiClean® design allows you to quickly and easily turn any space into a high-performance cleanroom. Our modular softwall cleanrooms are durable, adaptable to your specific needs and expandable as your business grows. Our modular cleanroom design makes it easy to install and move, and economical to add on to. In fact, you can completely assemble a LogiClean® softwall cleanroom frame and curtains with only a screwdriver and two wrenches. If flexibility and price is important to your operation, then a modular softwall cleanroom from Technical Air Products is the solution for you.

Technical Air Products’ rigidwall cleanrooms offer the same flexibility and performance of our softwall cleanrooms, but with a more robust and durable wall system. Our rigidwall cleanrooms are cost-effective, less permanent alternatives to hardwall, and stick-built cleanrooms. Our proprietary LogiClean® modular design makes it easy to assemble or disassemble, and economical to add on to, offering customers the most flexibility to expand or contract as their business demands change. Additionally, our modular cleanrooms are not permanent structures, they are pieces of equipment that can be depreciated over 7 years, versus 39 years for commercial building structures.

modular cleanrooms

The intent of an isolation room is to control the airflow in a room to minimize the chance for cross-infection, of non-infected people within a facility, from airborne infectious particles.