Mobile HEPA Fan Filter Unit


High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, or HEPA filters, have been used for years in cleanrooms and healthcare facilities to control the spread of airborne particles, including viruses and bacteria. For over 25 years, Technical Air Products has manufactured motorized HEPA fan filter units (FFU). FFU’s are individually powered fan units that draw “dirty” air through HEPA filters, to deliver clean air to, or from, a critical environment.

HEPA filtered FFU’s are most widely used to provide clean air in positive pressure rooms. Positive pressure cleanrooms keep contaminated air from surrounding areas out. However, FFU’s can also be reconfigured to exhaust air out of a room, through the HEPA filter, to protect surrounding areas from contaminated air particles in the room. When more air is exhausted out of a room than is supplied to the room, a negative pressure relationship is created, which helps ensure that contaminated air in the room is isolated and does not spread outside of the critical environment.

Typically, positive pressure cleanrooms, or negative pressure isolation rooms, are designed that way from the beginning, and are never used for both. FFU’s are usually installed in the ceiling of a room and can be part of a more extensive HVAC system. However, there are times when customers need to convert standard rooms in their facility into either positive or negative pressure critical environments. This has become even more of a need recently, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to change the way we operate and live.

With that in mind, Technical Air Products has designed mobile versions of our proven HEPA fan filter units, providing our customers more flexibility to react to ever-changing critical environment needs. Our mobile FFU’s can each deliver over 600 cfm of clean air to any room. They are a perfect tool for reducing the amount of airborne contaminants circulating in a room, protecting the health of its occupants. Or, add an optional ducted hood over the HEPA filter and exhaust air out of the room, creating a negative pressure isolation room to keep people in surrounding areas safe from infectious air particles in the room.

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