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What kind of cleanroom is the best for your operation? The answer depends on the specific needs of your organization. Traditional hardwall, or stick-built, cleanrooms have their advantages, but many companies and organizations are choosing modular cleanrooms for their flexibility, portability, and smaller price tag. Modular rigidwall cleanrooms combine many of the benefits of both hardwall and softwall cleanrooms. We […]

Laminar flow enables specific processes within a cleanroom to function according to design. Within a cleanroom, there may be work areas that need to have even more stringent cleanliness specifications to operate. Laminar flow clean benches can provide a safe environment for critical applications and are useful across many industries, from electronics assembly to medical […]

Maintaining a sterile environment is crucial for many industries that manufacture components which cannot tolerate contamination, as well as in medical and laboratory environments. While cleanrooms are designed to maintain air quality to standard, it’s also important to avoid introducing new contamination. Use of pass through cabinets is one of the best ways to control cross-contamination in these […]

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One frequently asked question about cleanrooms is: How is cleanroom cleanliness measured? Companies that invest in cleanrooms want to know that they will be able to achieve their cleanliness specifications and also expand their capabilities if needed further down the road. Here we will define cleanliness and explain how fan filter units (FFUs) operate to […]

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Cleanrooms are designed to prevent contamination and maintain cleanliness to specification. However, every time a person enters a cleanroom environment, that is a new opportunity to introduce contaminants. Because it’s necessary to avoid any preventable threat, there are rules about which materials are allowed within the cleanroom environment and which should never be present within […]

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One frequently asked question about cleanrooms is how they work to maintain cleanliness. The goal of a cleanroom is to minimize contamination so that tasks that require extreme cleanliness can be performed. So how exactly do they prevent contamination?  What Is a Cleanroom? A cleanroom is a controlled environment that limits the concentration of airborne […]

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Cleanrooms are an increasingly necessary component in many industries, from universities to pharmaceutical companies to electronics. While permanent stick-built cleanrooms were the most common choice in the past, many companies are discovering that modular cleanrooms can do the same job at a lesser cost and with more flexibility. Surprised? Let’s go through the benefits of […]

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the public has much more interest in learning how to control the concentration of airborne particles. Technical Air Products has been providing clean air solutions to customers from a wide variety of industries for over 25 years. If you are curious about what a cleanroom is and how […]