Fan Filter Units

Whether you need motorized fan filter units (FFU’s) for a new cleanroom installation, or you’re looking for replacements at an existing facility, you will appreciate the price, performance, and quiet operation that our FFU’s have to offer. All of our motorized HEPA and ULPA cleanroom filters have undergone extensive testing to ensure they operate well above industry standards. Our FFU’s can provide HEPA or ULPA filtered air to any environment, while running so quietly you will hardly notice they are on.

The SPX is Technical Air Products’ standard FFU, offering customers a great combination of price, performance and quiet operation. The SPX is our lowest priced FFU, and can reliably deliver over 700 CFM.

The SPX-EE is Technical Air Products’ energy-efficient FFU, capable of delivering over 800 CFM, while operating under 200 watts. The 120V EE fan filter unit is UL listed, and is perfect for any application in which power conservation is important.

The SPX-EC is Technical Air Products’ most feature rich FFU, offering customers the highest level of performance and control. The electronically commutated motor is a variable speed motor which automatically ramps up or down to keep a consistent air flow. When teamed with an auto-control card, the SPX-EC fan filter unit can provide customers with a completely automated clean air environment.

If maximizing air flow is what you need, the Technical Air Products’ SPX-HP fan filter unit is for you. The SPX-HP boasts a maximum air flow of 1,000 CFM. With a powerful ½ horsepower motor, the SPX-HP FFU has the least amount of CFM drop when used with more efficient filter media. For instance, the SPX-HP still delivers over 900 CFM when used with a high-efficiency ULPA filter.