Is It Time for a New Cleanroom?

by Technical Air Products

new cleanroom

A cleanroom is an investment in the productivity of your business or organization. Of course you’ll want to see as much return on that investment as possible and use it as long as you can. However, there are times or circumstances that arise that make an updated cleanroom the best solution to specific challenges. How do you know when it’s time for a new cleanroom?

Cleanroom Functionality 

Cleanrooms exist to allow for specific functions. Companies install them to produce the level of cleanliness they need to accomplish necessary applications: to manufacture products, do research, or protect the health of the people inside the room. If your needs change, then, you may need a new cleanroom that will allow for the new level of environmental control needed. 

If the scope of your operation changes, if you need to hire additional personnel, or if you intend to expand production, you will also need to expand your cleanroom to encompass a larger space. 

There are costs associated with inadequate space. You may need more room for workstations or other equipment. If your current cleanroom is already cramped and people are having to share space, waiting to use equipment, or they are unable to move freely in the room, it’s time for a new cleanroom. 

Cleanroom Integrity

Your old cleanroom may have been able to meet previous standards for environment control very well. If your organization’s needs have changed, however, an update may be required. You may need to meet a higher cleanliness standard, or you may need to address inadequacies with your current setup.  

It’s not always necessary to build or install a new cleanroom, especially if your current cleanroom is modular. One advantage of modular cleanrooms is that it’s possible to add to or update them without having to entirely replace your setup. This is a reason softwall and rigidwall cleanrooms are such a popular choice – they are simple to expand or update and do not require a lengthy construction process. 

Is It Time for a New Cleanroom?

If your current cleanroom is not performing according to your needs or your staff is not able to efficiently complete their tasks because space is limited, it is time to evaluate your current cleanroom setup. Contact us at Technical Air Products if you have questions about your current cleanroom design or wonder how your modular cleanroom can be updated to suit your new cleanliness requirements. 

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