How Long Does the Cleanroom Installation Process Take?

by Technical Air Products

One frequently asked question that organizations have when they are considering investing in a cleanroom is: How long does the cleanroom installation process take? No one wants to be caught in limbo waiting for months after they’ve made the decision to purchase a cleanroom. The answer to the question depends on a number of factors, and we will go through those here. 

What Kind of Cleanroom Do You Need?

The first and most important factor that impacts the cleanroom installation process is the type of cleanroom you choose. If you go with a traditional stick-built cleanroom, it will have to be built on site. This process could take months to complete. Stick-built cleanrooms are permanent, built out of raw materials, and must go through the same process as any regular structure build, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. It may also include an extensive building permit process which could require months of working with local government authorities to acquire. 

A modular cleanroom, in comparison, is manufactured off site, delivered with most of its parts preassembled, ready to be installed. There is very little construction time involved, and your company can avoid the dust and mess of an extended construction process. 

Typically, a rigidwall modular cleanroom can be completely installed in a few days, to a few weeks, depending on its size. A softwall cleanroom will take even less time to set up and become operational. 

Once the cleanroom is installed, your cleanroom will require testing and certification. Based on the needs of your industry, your cleanroom will have to meet a certain standard of cleanliness. This standard is determined by ISO international standards which classify how many particles of a certain size are allowed in the cleanroom. The testing and certification process exists to determine that the cleanroom is performing up to that standard. 

Additional Cleanroom Installation Considerations 

The type of cleanroom you choose affects installation time, but so does what you put in it. Many cleanrooms require furniture and fixtures to operate, and cleanroom furniture often needs to withstand heat, chemical exposure, corrosion, and bacteria. This type of specialty furniture can take some time to arrive and install. 

The amount and type of cleanroom furniture you plan to use will impact the design of the cleanroom as well as its operation date. If you plan on ordering furniture from abroad, you should allow additional time for it to arrive. Technical Air Products manufactures furniture that is made in the USA and can be delivered more quickly. 

As the old saying goes, “Time is money.” If your company or organization is considering adding cleanroom space, you should also consider how much time the various options will take to build and install before you make your decision. Modular cleanrooms take far less time to become operational than traditional cleanrooms, and they are capable of meeting many of the same cleanliness standards. They can also be expanded or taken apart and moved to a different location if your needs change in the future. This makes them a very competitive option for cleanroom operations.

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