Rigidwall Cleanrooms

What happens outside our walls, stays outside our walls.

Technical Air Products’ rigidwall cleanrooms offer the same flexibility and performance of our softwall cleanrooms, but with a more robust and durable wall system. Our rigidwall cleanrooms are cost-effective, less permanent alternatives to hardwall, and stick-built cleanrooms. Our proprietary LogiClean® modular design makes it easy to assemble or disassemble, and economical to add on to, offering customers the most flexibility to expand or contract as their business demands change. Additionally, our modular cleanrooms are not permanent structures, they are pieces of equipment that can be depreciated over 7 years, versus 39 years for commercial building structures.

Our rigidwall cleanrooms meet ISO 8 to ISO 4 air cleanliness ratings, and are a lower-cost solution for meeting USP797 requirements.

The LogiClean® Rigidwall Cleanroom Difference

Technical Air Products’ rigidwall cleanrooms utilize high-strength 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions. We then encapsulate all parts in a durable coat of white powder-baked enamel that prevents corroding and contamination. Other companies require their cleanroom components to be drilled and tapped, which can cause corrosion and compromise frame structure. We use a T-slot fastening system which requires no drilling and tapping, which makes our LogiClean® system much cleaner, and easier to install.

Performance You Can Count On

Our motorized HEPA fan filter units (FFUs) are included with our cleanrooms, so we can guarantee your cleanroom will meet the level of cleanliness you require from Class 8 (100,000) to Class 4 (10). Our FFUs offer an exceptional level of performance, in a quiet, competitively priced package. Our cleanrooms also come standard with LED light panels, offering you long-lasting, energy-efficient operation, which saves you money.


  • Meet ISO 8 to ISO 4 (Class 100,000 to Class 10,000) air cleanliness ratings.
  • Fabricated aluminum extrusion wall panels that are finished with white powder-baked enamel to prevent contamination.
  • Standard 4’x 8′ panel size for modular expansion and configuration.
  • Gown rooms added internally or externally.
  • Expandable as your business requirements change.
  • Cost savings of 25-30% over traditional hardwall and stick-built cleanrooms.


Panel Options

Panel Options for Rigidwall Cleanrooms


Acrylic Panels

Acrylic panels offer the best scratch resistance and overall value. Standard panels are clear, but black and opaque are available.

Static Dissipative PVC Panels

Static dissipative PVC panels are recommended where static charges must be kept to a minimum. These panels also resist attraction of particulate.

Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate panels offer superior impact resistance and are better for environments where acids and solvents will be used.


Rigidwall Cleanroom Specifications

Available Sizes Standard Rooms available in 2’x4’ increments. Custom sizes also available. Clearspans up to 30′.
Room Class ISO 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO 4 (Class 10).
Frame Construction High-strength 6063-T6 Extruded Aluminum.
Finish White Powder-baked Enamel.
Filtration Standard model 421-SPX motorized HEPA fan filter units (FFU’s), 99.99% efficient at MPPS. Several sizes and options available, including advanced automation and monitoring.
Walls 1/4” Clear Acrylic in powder-coated extruded aluminum frames. Standard frames are 4’x 8’h. Clear Polycarbonate, and white Polypropylene, as well as Antistatic Acrylic or Polycarbonate are also available.
Entries Doors can be hinged, sliding or strips. Hinged doors have hydraulic closers, heavy duty stainless steel hinges and aluminum pull handles. Panic hardware also available.
Lighting 2’x 4′ standard LED light panels included. Several sizes and options available, including Flow-thru lights.
Blank Panels 1/2” gypsum, vinyl faced on both sides with sealed edges.
Electrical FFU’s are standard with a variable speed control and 8′ power cord. Light fixtures have ballast wires inside a top-mounted access cover for connection.
Voltage Standard voltage for filters is 120/1/60, with options available of 220/1/50-60 and 277/1/60. Lights are Universal 120-277/1/60. Panels over 30 amps at 120V can also be factory wired to accept 220/1/60, or 208/3/60 input voltage.
Optional Prewiring Rooms can come with components factory wired with “plug and play” connections to a central control panel. The panel is a powder-coated NEMA 1 enclosure with face-mounted variable speed controls and light switches. A power distribution block is also provided for connection to field power.
Standard Rooms

Standard Rigidwall Cleanrooms

Standard Rigidwall Cleanrooms are available under our quick-ship program, and are offered at our most competitive pricing. Engineering is already complete on standard rooms, allowing us to ship in 2-3 weeks. Any changes to the standard size or layout will be considered custom, and may raise the price and lead time.

Standard Room Sizes (shown in feet – ISO 8)
Click each size to view layout drawing

  • 10x16x8
  • 10x16x10
  • 10x20x8
  • 10x20x10
  • 12x12x8
  • 12x16x8
  • 12x20x8
  • 16x16x8
  • 16x20x8
  • 20x20x8

Any Rating from Class 10-100,000 (ISO 4-8)

Our HEPA filters are included with your cleanroom, so we can guarantee the room will meet the class you require from Class 10-100,000. Our fan filter units offer an exceptional level of performance and value in a quiet package.

Meets USP 797

Our rigidwall cleanrooms are perfect for pharmacies required to meet ISO Class 7 cleanroom standards for USP 797. Rooms are installed on the floor with adjustable louvers to achieve the correct pressure relationships between cleanrooms and ante rooms.

To monitor the pressure, we utilize magnehelic gauges mounted to a wall for easy viewing. For chemo rooms, we utilize exhaust pressure to the ante room, with another gauge added.