Cleanroom Furniture

So clean you could eat off them (but that would defeat the purpose).

Technical Air Products manufactures a complete line of furniture designed specifically for use in clean environments. Whether you are looking for benches or racks to outfit your gowning room, or for work tables or carts for your cleanroom, Technical Air Products has a solution for you. We offer high-end stainless steel furniture for the most critical environments, and we offer powder-coated furniture for those less stringent requirements.

Cleanroom Furniture Products

Nearly 20 years ago, Technical Air Products purchased NTA Industries, a manufacturer of quality stainless steel cleanroom furniture. The NTA product line consists of over 1,000 products to meet almost any cleanroom application. Below are examples of our more standard products that offer you the best price and lead time.

Download: TAP Cleanroom Furniture Onesheet


Work Tables

Work Tables are available as all stainless steel, or with powder-coated steel frames and stainless steel table tops.  Various under-table and over-table shelves are also offered.






Computer Tables

Different table-top and shelving surface options are available.  Rod surfaces are available for optimal air flow, which is better for computer, or other machine tables.






Ergonomic Adjustable Height Tables

Manual and powered adjustable height tables are available, offering the best ergonomics, as well as flexibility, as task and operational requirements change.



Technical Air Products offers a variety of racks, including Garment, Reticle, Dispense, and Bootie Racks.  We offer stand-alone, as well as flush-mounted racks.


General Racks

Stainless steel racks are available in various sizes with rod, perforated, or solid shelves, which can be angled or flat. Our ULTRACLN furniture is constructed of precision 304 stainless steel required for submicron cleanrooms Class 1 or better. They are fully electropolished, so they will not generate particles that can be carried into or throughout your cleanroom.






Flush-mounted Racks

General Racks can be outfitted with stainless steel trim to make them flush-mounted in the wall to maximize space inside your lab or cleanroom. Casters are available for removing the racks from the walls for easy cleaning.








Garment Racks

Garment Racks and other stainless steel furniture are available for outfitting Class 1 or better cleanrooms and garment rooms. Our garment racks offer a full electropolished finish which will not generate particles that be carried into your cleanroom. Garment hangars are provided, and hangar mounts are designed to allow air flow between garments.




Technical Air Products offers a variety of cabinets, including Chemical, Utility, and Security cabinets. Lockable door handles and sloped shelves are examples of options which are available.








General carts, as well as specific-use carts such as Chemical, Wafer Transfer, and FOSB Carts are available to meet your requirements.  Various types of casters, shelving options, as well as shock absorption materials are also available.












Miscellaneous stainless steel furniture is also available such as Benches, Lean Rails, and Mobile Step Units.









Our Cleanroom Furniture Difference

Great care is taken during the design and fabrication process of our cleanroom furniture to leave no space for contaminants to gather, so whether you operate an ISO 8 or an ISO 4 cleanroom, our furniture
will meet your needs.