For over 25 years, Technical Air Products has specialized in the design and manufacturing of high-performance modular cleanrooms. We also design and manufacture a variety of quality, cost-effective cleanroom components, accessories and furniture to turn any operation into a clean environment.


A Modular Softwall Cleanroom is the most cost-effective and flexible option for establishing and controlling a critical environment. Our proprietary LogiClean® design allows you to quickly and easily turn any space into a high-performance, modular softwall cleanroom. Our softwall cleanrooms are durable, adaptable to your specific needs, easy to assemble or disassemble, and expandable as your business grows. In fact, you can completely assemble and disassemble our LogiClean® softwall cleanroom frame and curtains with only a screwdriver and two wrenches.


A Modular Rigidwall Cleanroom is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to more permanent hardwall, and stick-built cleanrooms. Technical Air Products’ proprietary LogiClean® modular cleanroom system is quick to assemble or disassemble, and economical to add on to, offering customers the flexibility to expand or contract as their business demands change. Additionally, our modular cleanrooms are not permanent structures, they are pieces of equipment that can be depreciated over 7 years, versus 39 years for commercial building structures.