Laminar Flow Clean Benches Control Contamination

by Technical Air Products

Laminar flow enables specific processes within a cleanroom to function according to design. Within a cleanroom, there may be work areas that need to have even more stringent cleanliness specifications to operate. Laminar flow clean benches can provide a safe environment for critical applications and are useful across many industries, from electronics assembly to medical research and pharmaceuticals. 

What Is Laminar Flow?

In reference to a cleanroom, laminar flow is a type of fluid flow of air in which air travels smoothly and regularly in one direction. The velocity, pressure, and other properties of the air remain constant. This is sometimes referred to as streamline flow and consists of layers of air flowing parallel to each other, sliding over each other like playing cards within a deck of cards. 

How does this type of air flow maintain the cleanroom environment? Laminar air flow, in contrast to the turbulent flow found in a normal environment, prevents cross currents, eddies, or swirls of air. Turbulent air picks up and deposits particles randomly on surfaces. This causes cross contamination. Laminar flow acts to wash the surfaces of the room with unidirectional air that has been filtered with either a HEPA or ULPA filter

Clean Benches Offer Additional Contamination Protection

A clean bench, also known as a laminar flow hood, is an enclosed box that maintains its own particulate-free airflow environment. It offers a workspace its own filtered, moving airflow. The laminar flow hood sweeps the air from the cleanest area, the filter face, to the front part of the clean bench. Within the clean bench, this prevents samples, equipment, or products from contamination. 

Clean benches can offer either vertical or horizontal airflow. Each of these offers its own advantages or disadvantages for specific work. Each bench incorporates either a HEPA or ULPA fan filter unit designed to remove airborne particulate matter according to cleanliness specifications. 

Technical Air Products’ clean benches meet ISO 5 cleanroom requirements. If your company needs laminar flow for specific processes inside your cleanroom, or if you need to control air contamination for a smaller area of your manufacturing process, free-standing or portable laminar flow clean benches are the ideal solution. We offer clean benches in standard sizes,  available for order for the best price and lead time.  Contact us with any specific cleanroom needs you would like to discuss.

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