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Modular Softwall Cleanrooms

Our proprietary LogiClean® design allows you to quickly and easily turn any space into a high performance modular softwall cleanroom. Our softwall cleanrooms are durable, adaptable to your specific needs, easy to assemble or disassemble, and expandable as your business grows. Our modular cleanroom design makes them easy to install, move, and economical to add on to. In fact, you can completely assemble and dissemble the LogiClean® softwall cleanroom frame and curtains with only a screwdriver and two wrenches.


Our softwall cleanrooms utilize high strength aluminum made from 6063-T6 extrusions. We then encapsulate all parts in a durable coat of white powder-baked enamel that prevents corroding and contamination.

Other companies require their softwall cleanrooms to be drilled and tapped, which can cause corrosion and compromise frame structure. We use only a T-slot fastening system that requires no drilling or tapping. All our framing is meticulously made; you won’t find a weld or weld spatter.

Available Sizes Standard Rooms available in 2’x4’ increments. Custom sizes also available. Clearspans up to 30′
Room Class ISO Class 8 (100,000) to ISO Class 4 (10)
Frame Construction High-strength 6063-T6 Extruded Aluminum
Finish White Powder-baked Enamel
Filtration Standard model 421-SPX motorized HEPA fan filter units (FFU’s), 99.99% efficient at MPPS. Several sizes and options available, including advanced automation and monitoring.
Walls 40 mil clear standard vinyl around perimeter. Options include antistatic vinyl, and 8” or 12″ wide strips.
Entries One 3′ strip entry is standard. Various width strips available in 40, 60 and 120 mil.
Lighting 2’x 4′ standard LED light panels are included. Several sizes and options available, including Flow-thru lights.
Blank Panels 1/2” gypsum, vinyl faced on both sides with sealed edges.
Electrical FFU’s are standard with a variable speed control and 8′ power cord. Light fixtures have ballast wires inside a top-mounted access cover for connection.
Voltage Standard voltage for FFU’s is 120/1/60, with options available of 220/1/50-60 and 277/1/60. Lights are Universal 120-277/1/60. Panels over 30 amps at 120V can also be factory wired to accept 220/1/60, or 208/3/60 input voltage.
Optional Prewiring Rooms can come with components factory wired with “plug and play” connections to a central control panel. The panel is a powder-coated NEMA 1 enclosure with face-mounted variable speed controls and light switches. A power distribution block is also provided for connection to field power.

Softwall Cleanroom Class 100AR

Review spec sheets for softwall cleanroom classes, specifically softwall cleanroom class 100AR:


Our HEPA filters are included with your cleanroom, so we can guarantee the room will meet the class you require from Class 10-10,000. Our filter units offer an exceptional level of performance and value in a quiet package.

Design Expertise

For over 25 years, Technical Air Products has been designing high-quality clean air products.  Our engineers can assist you in designing a cleanroom, or cleanroom components to meet your exact needs.  CAD drawings will be created for your specific requirements, so no details will be missed.  Contact us today, and let our design experts go to work for you.

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