• Create Flexible Environments for Success

    LogiClean® softwall, modular and portable cleanrooms allow you to respond quickly to changes and fluctuations in production and operational demands.


  • A Breath of Clean, Fresh Air in Filtration System Technology

    The right filtration technology can optimize your facility’s operations and assure the highest level of quality control and efficiency possible for improved customer satisfaction.


Welcome to Technical Air Products


Technical Air Products has been manufacturing cleanroom environments for the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, optical and electronic industries for over 25 years.

Technical Air Products' proprietary LogiClean® softwall and hardwall cleanroom design offers customers a robust, economical and efficient solution for controlling the air quality of their work environment.  We specialize in modular and portable cleanroom systems that help our customers adapt to their ever-changing operations.  We also provide customers with individual cleanroom components for turning their existing rooms into cleanrooms.

Technical Air Products also manufactures value-added cleanroom accessories such as Pass Throughs, as well as stainless steel cleanroom furniture and fixtures, to optimize our customers' clean work environments.